Wcome to perfectgoalie.com.  In 2007, my son Xander, who was 7 at the time, decided he wanted to play ice hockey like me.  I've played goalie for nearly 15 years and was thrilled.  He joined one league and then another.  Pretty quickly, I noticed, was that there wasn't a lot of instruction for young goalies available, especially during practices.  Not to fault the coaches, it's just that they had their hands full with 15-20 skaters.  And dad after dad of other young goalies told me the same thing, that there just weren't enough goalie coachs or places to go to get instructional information for their sons other than goalie camps.  So that's where I came in.  I put on my own skates and pads and went out on the ice with Xander and began to teach him how to be a goalie.  In his first year as an in-house Mite he took his team to the championships and won.  In his first year as a Squirt he did the same thing.

That's where this website comes in.  In teaching him, I realized how much there is to learn about being a goalie.  From equipment to skating; rules and regulations; correct positioning and the mental game of being a goalie.